Matt Folwer's Murder In Andre Dubus 'Killings'

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The Worst Crime: Matt’s or Richard’s “Killings”, written by Andre Dubus, illustrates how the death of a loved one may lead to dire consequences for all the parties included. Matt Fowler’s son, Frank, was murdered in cold blood by a jealous soon-to-be ex-husband, Richard Strout. When the death of Frank sunk into the lives of the Fowler’s, Matt believed he had to retaliate in some sort of fashion. The sort of fashion he chose was to seek revenge and kill Richard for his wrongdoings, which he did. Some people believe that the murder committed by Richard Strout can be considered more serious because of his act of passion and his lackadaisical style of living without worrying about his future. I think that Matt Folwer’s murder is worse due to the fact he acted in a revengeful manner, there was a precise plan, and because of his ability to deliberately disobey his conscience. By seeking revenge against Richard Strout for the murder of his son Frank, Matt acted in such a manner because he knew his son’s wrongful death was out of spite, and also for the overall sanity and protection his wife, Ruth. Frank Folwer was a genuine human who caught an eye for the wrong woman, Mary Ann Strout, Richard’s soon-to-be ex. Frank had treated Mary Ann better than Richard had …show more content…

During the build-up to the scene where Matt shoots Richard, there are sequences where Matt is contemplating his life, along with the life that Frank could have had if not for the jealousy of Richard. While leading Richard around his home, Matt is having second thoughts as to why everything has escalated to such a manner that he would be putting a bullet in the back of his son’s murderer’s head. With all of the actions and plans that Matt went through to kill Richard Strout, it seems to me that his murder is worse than Richard’s, but others still believe that Strout’s indeed was the

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