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Many people wander about the north pole. Everyone knows that someone discovered it, but what you don 't know is that one of the two discoverers is very important to black history, Matthew Henson. He was the first African American explorer to go to the North Pole. Matthew Henson is important to black history because he was one of the first famous black explorers. His past is inspiring ,he discovered the north pole, he didn 't get noticed until 5 decades later

Matthew Henson faced tragedies as a child. I know this because of a biography written off him, which talked about “American Explorer Matthew Henson who was born on August 8 1866 in Charles Lantry Maryland, the son of two freeborn sharecroppers. Henson lost his mother at the age of three” (bibliography) This evidence supports that he was born, a free sharecropper and lost his mother 3 years later. Which is very sad at a young age. After his mom died his dad relocated the family and died a year later leaving Henson an …show more content…

This evidence proves that he was the second one to go to the North Pole alongside Robert. Due to the color barrier and the fact that Matthew Henson was an assistant he did not recive credit for the discovery. “Triumph when they returned, Peary received many acknowledgements for his accomplishment, but-un forchettanet sign off the times- Henson an AFrican American. Was largely overlooked and while Peary was lauded by many for is achievement. He and his team faced wide skepticism” (networks ). This shows that when they returned from the North Pole lots off people ran to see peary leaving henson alone with little to nobody noticing all the hard work he 's done to help in this journey just because his skin is a different

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