Max Garcia Thesis Statement

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Max R. Garcia was born on June 29, 1924 in Amsterdam. He grew up in a blue collar neighborhood. Blue collar people were mainly manual laborers. He lived in a small apartment which had two bedrooms, one for his parents and one for himself and his sister. They had one bathroom, or water closet, a small sink, and a two small gas burners. In this time, many lived with very little. When Max started school in first grade, a teacher was assigned to his class and she stayed with them throughout all their years of learning. This teacher taught them every subject; grammar, reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. If you had a problem with learning something or were sick, the teacher would have you over their house to catch up on missed work. Max lived …show more content…

Himself, along with his father, stopped working because of the chaos of signs of war. Later, in 1942 the yellow stars were given for Jews to wear. There were very strict laws set saying what they could or could not do. In the summer of 1942, the selecting of boys and men to be taken to concentration camps had begun. One day, the Nazis came knocking on their door. Max finally answered and denied his identity. He was then taken and beaten twice before being sent off to Auschwitz, a concentration camp, when he was 19. They were packed into cattle cars; people were crying, it was dark, it was scary. When Max arrived, he separated from the women and given a number, which they tattooed on his arm. He went through many tough situations, very similar to what happened to Elie Wiesel in the book Night. The SS controlled them and told them what should be done. Throughout the course of the war he was sent to a numerous number of different concentration camps. In May of 1945, he was liberated from the Nazis when he was 20 years of age. This was a very difficult part of Max’s life that have created many horrible memories that he wished he could forget, but he could

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