Maya Angelou Accomplishments

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April 4, 1929, St. Louis, Missouri was the birth of the multitalented, Marguerite Annie Johnson. Family of Marguerite is mother, Vivian Baxter Johnson, father, Bailey Johnson, and brother, Bailey Johnson, Jr. Later in the early twenties of Marguerite Johnsons’ life, she changed her name to Maya Angelou. Since the divorce of Maya’s parents, her life has been nothing but an uncontrollable rollercoaster. As a youth, Maya Angelou had to eventually overcome her strugglers and regain what she once lost years ago when troubled occurred. By the time teen Maya Angelou was sixteen years old, she became pregnant with a baby boy, she named, Guy Johnson. Once Maya Angelou was no longer a young girl she was determined to travel outside of United States of America, making a huge difference and transitioning from girl to woman. Then finally Maya Angelou became a female African American Activist Civil Rights Leader who was famous for being a writer, singer, actress, author, director, stage and screen performer, also most well-known poet. Throughout her career, Angelou has earned several awards and accomplished many accomplishments, including receiving a Grammy award. Her best known art work was entitled, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She has been recognized and honored by different organizations almost throughout her life. This is the birth of art which brought a new look on life by the talented performer, Dr. Maya Angelou. …show more content…

and Mrs. Johnson have gotten a divorce. Maya’s mother continued to live in her hometown in Missouri, while her father, Mr. Bailey takes on a new life with his girlfriend. Since the divorce of Maya’s parents, she and her brother, Bailey Johnson, Jr. was sent to live with their grandmother in Stamps in Arkansas. Maya’s grandmother hometown, Stamps was concerned a racist community. Maya’s self-esteem drew low enough for her grandmother to install her with pride and

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