Maya Angelou: Nonconformist

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T’keyah Bannister
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04 December 2015

Maya Angelou: Nonconformist American

“I will not allow anybody to minimize my life, not anybody, not a living soul-- nobody, no lover, no mother, no son, no boss, no President, nobody.” - Maya Angelou

Often labeled as a feminine writer, African- American autobiographer, historian, lecturer, journalist, activist, filmmaker, poet, singer, actor, and storyteller. Set out with many challenges which includes knowing many different languages from French, italian, spanish, Serbo- Croatian, Arabic, and Fanti, a Ghanaian dialect. Her way of multiple talents makes her unique and sets her apart from any other poet or writer. She was a test to an great spirit. …show more content…

Louis, Missouri named Marguerite Ann Johnson on April 4, 1928. Being the second child and first daughter of Bailey Johnson, a doorman and Navy dietitian, and Vivian Baxter Johnson, a professional nurse and a card dealer. Getting her name from her brother, Bailey Jr. Further on with her parents divorce Maya and Bailey traveled from Long Beach, California to a Southern backwash of Stamps, Arkansas, specified as Maya’s birthplace. [Angelou Page 15] Living under the care of their grandmother, and somewhat paralyzed Uncle Willie, they lived in the town 's black quarter. Working in the family business Johnson General Merchandise store. Kept a no sense religious and moral training. Maya’s life was led to classic literature, primarily white writers, including shakespeare, Kipling, Poe, Thackery, and James Weldon Butler as well as black writers Paul Dunbar and Langton Hughes. Through everyone 's good time there is always some emotional damage. At the age of only eight Vivian 's boyfriend raped young Mayaa. To light the torch to the flame even more Maya was basically forced to testify against her abuser. Resulting to Maya refusing to speak, going into a world of fear, and having a whole load of …show more content…

Making her way back to Los Angeles which black spokesman Bayard Rustin sought leadership advice from Maya in 1970. As well as being noticed as a Northern Coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Being honored by two presidents Ford and Carter, the Bicentennial Commission and the National Commission on Observance of the International Women 's Year. Maya 's humanistic topics grew greatly with recitation and songs, which was intended to a universal acceptance of human differences and celebration of similarities. Maya was mainly professed to one audience, “ Human beings we are more alike than we are unalike. That was one of the greatest lessons I learned.” [ Kevin Rogers,] - Maya Angelou

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