Maya Angelou's 10 Rules For Success

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Maya Angelou, a very famous poet, went through a lot of tough times in her life. But to her, there were ten rules for success that are very inspiring. These rules are rules that not many people think about or follow. But the few people that follow these rules, like Angelou, have had great success. To begin with, Angelou’s first rule is to “Just Do Right.” To me this means a lot because she later on goes into talking about her grandma. She said that she often thinks to herself, “What would Grandma do?” To me, this hits home because my grandma recently passed and she was a great role model. She always did what she thought was right and didn’t care what others thought. She got braces on at age 60 something. That is not something you see everyday. And, she never cared about anyone else’s thoughts about it either. My grandma also put God first and influenced me to do the same. Secondly, Angelou’s second rule for success is to be courageous. Courage, according to her, is the most needed virtue and I agree. Honor, respect, compassion, loyalty, and honesty are other virtues but without courage, you can’t really do any of them. Without courage, you can’t honor anyone because they never displayed courage. Without courage, you can’t respect someone that no one else respects because you don’t have the courage to do so. Without courage, you can’t feel compassionate towards someone because you don’t have the guts to go up to them and tell them that you are sorry for them. Without
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