Mayfield Drugs Case

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Previous Cases: For drug processing, we will examine a case that focuses on the supply of controlled drugs. With the help of Forensic Science Service (FSS), it has been engaged in the development of the framework that provides a consistent, robust, and a balanced approach to forensic science casework (G. Booth, 2002). FSS is seen in this case. The case will compare the wraps of two suspected people. The findings are based on the maximum value, clarity, and balance of the product. Although for fingerprinting cases we will inspect the Mayfield case and People v. Collins. Mayfield was a case about the Madrid bombers (Dror & Mnookin, 2010). Somehow there was a similarity between one portion of one of his fingers and the portion of the latent print …show more content…

Some of the steps for them, we will focus on anything drug related. That being if drugs were related to the cause of death. By checking the personal belongings, even in the crease of skin for evidence of drugs. Afterward, check the body for possible needle marks either in plain view or hidden. If it was a suspected overdose they reveal of pills or chalky white materials could be found in the stomach. Collect and retain samples of bodily fluid for potential toxicological analysis is always appropriate in every autopsy that is undertaken to determine the cause of a person 's death (Gregory G Davis, 2014). Urine is ideally suited for a rapid screening, but blood or even brain matter is also suitable samples for …show more content…

Ways to collect the prints is through photographs or type. Submit the intentionally recorded prints of everyone who may have handled the evidence, including the suspects and victims to help narrow down or eliminate to find the right person (FBI Laboratory Publications, 2013). Tying in the drug processing and fingerprinting, you can search for a latent print on a drug packaging materials. The drug item should be separated from the original packaging when it is reasonable to do

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