Me Myself And Irene Character Analysis

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Me Myself and Irene
The main character of the movie and the subject of my psychological analysis is named Charlie Baileygates. Charlie married his soulmate Layla but almost immediately after getting married, Layla had an affair with an African-American man named Shontey. About three years later Layla left Charlie for Shontey leaving Charlie to take care of three bi-racial children who were conceived due to the affair. Charlie is also Rhode Island State Police Trooper who despite his social rank has been taken advantage by many of the people that he has encountered, however because of the person that he is, he just lets people take advantage. As can be imagined, Charlie has gone though some major emotional trauma. At one point Charlie snaps …show more content…

I personally believe that DID does indeed exist. I’m my life I have had the pleasure of talking with a wide variety of people. I remember taking to this slightly older woman who appeared to me to have DID. The older woman went to my church and I saw and talked with her fairly often. Her name was Gwyneth (Gwen) but at certain times she I called for her she had no idea who I was. She told me that her name Amy, that she had been going to that church for a while, but that she had not seen me there. Gwen knew about Amy and explained to me one time that Amy was another side of her. That whenever she felt insecure, depressed, or had a major problem, Amy would step in for her and fix everything. Luckily both Gwen and Amy were very nice people but I was always hard to talk with her because I always had to first ask if I was talking with Gwen or Amy. In conclusion, while the movie Me, Myself and Irene is meant to be a comedy it is still an inaccurate representation of Schizophrenia. I believe that the movie would have been more accurate, less confusing, and had little to no change in the comedic factor if the movie accurately diagnosed Charlie with DID rather than “advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic

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