Meaning And Symbolism In Braham Stoker's Dracula

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According to Dracula: the novel and the legend, “Dracula is not lacking in fertile imagination, complexity of plot or an unsurpassed capacity to send a chill down the spine. In cultural terms it deserves to be treated as a major work of fiction, for Dracula possesses that rarest of attributes- an invitation to be read and re-read, each time is closing fresh glimpse of insight and further layers of meaning and symbolism.” Dracula was one of the most sold and translated books of all time. Braham Stoker uses his own personal experience to create Dracula, a marvelous work of fiction. He wrote in a way to captivate and bring fear and excitement to the reader. This nineteenth century novel, Dracula, impacts its readers in a unique way. Braham stoker…show more content…
The book starts of by Dracula first welcoming his new guest, Johnathan Harker, by telling him, “Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.” Once Johnathon Harker realized that Dracula had kept him prisoner and did not act like a regular human being he asked. Shortly following Mr. Harker escape Dracula leaves to England to find new prey. When Dracula began sucking the blood out of Johnathon’s wife and friend, they called upon Abraham Van Helsing to use his wit and help find the cure to save Johnathon’s wife and her friend’s life. After the death of Lucy, Johnathon’s friend, and near death of Mina, Johnathon’s husband, they turn to find and destroy Dracula before he can every ruin someone else’s life again. Dracula proves to possess a plot that captivates the…show more content…
During the Creation of Dracula, Stoker took notes on little pieces of note book paper. These papers describe places he visited and books he at one time read. His notes were diffused untitled and unconnected; no plot not title far too many minor characters no Dracula no Transylvania. It took six years to write his masterpiece. The only common theme in those six year was one nightmare. In that nightmare, a young man sees three girls, and one of the girls attempted to kiss him but not on lips but on throats. Once Stoker visited Whitby Dracula began to take shape. After He talked to sailors, he heard about a story of a Russian scorner called Demintree which run into the harbor with all sails and randomly missed all the rocks surrounding the bay. This is what gave him the idea of how Dracula would enter into England. In the Wallachian language Dracula means devil and this greatly affected what Stoker would name his vampire. Bram stoker wrote in unique way by drawing from personal experience and research to write his masterpiece (BBC, Nightmare: The Birth of Horror). One of the main overarching themes of Dracula is that one should defended the weak and helpless no matter the cost. For instance, each man donated great amounts of blood to Lucy trying to keep her from becoming

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