Medical Administrative Assistant Research Paper

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I decided to change my career path to become a medical administrative assistant. I started to research several online colleges, and soon realized that Bryant & Stratton College was offering a course that would meet my educational needs to get my degree as a medical administrative assistant. My desire to become, a medical administrative assistant is to become, a part of a fast growing health care field, and to benefit from earning a great salary, and career advancement possibilities. First of all, my desire to become a medical administrative assistant is to become a part of a fast growing health care field. In the article “Salary and Wages]” the writer describes it best how this is a fast growing field “In 2008, 471, 00 jobs were available for medical administrative assistant positions. The field of medical administrative assistants in general is a growing field. The field was expected to experience 36% growth between 2000 and 2010. Experts expect this field to grow faster than most professions until the year 2018. Because medical administrative assistants are a part of a highly specialized field, it is not growing as fast as other administrative assistant positions. However, the field is experiencing relative growth.” This is a specialized field and having the required skills puts the medical administrative assistant in high demand. For …show more content…

Medical administrative assistants earn a good salaries according to the article “Salary and Wages “which states “In 2008, medical administrative assistants earned annual wages of $29,680. The highest earning medical administrative assistant earned over $42,660. The middle 50% of medical administrative assistants earned between $24,530 and 36,090. The cost of living in the state or the hiring hospital are determining factors in the income level of the medical administrative

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