Medicare In Health Care

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One of the most popular health plans that people use is Medicare. One of the reasons why this is so is because it is public and goes towards making health coverage more possible. One payment plan states that people pay $104.90 monthly, with a $147 dollar deductible. Another payment plan under Medicare states that one has to pay $407 dollars monthly at the most. ("Medicare", 2015). The third payment plan varies and is dependent on the plan that they are using. Because the medical industry works to become more and more accurate in all medical terms, it is necessary for patients being just as accurate when applying (2015). This way, clients will get just the health plan they need. Another prominent health plan is Medicaid. The payment plans …show more content…

One type of coding is the Current Procedural Terminology, which efficiently displays all information regarding the services completed, which may be shared with the patients and medical facilities alike. This is extremely detailed, not dissimilar to ICD 9 coding (Medicare, 2015). Another type of coding used is the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System, commonly known as HCPCS coding. This coding processes the bills extremely well, and keeps track of information. It is, in a way, a higher-end coding "alternative" to ICD 9 coding because they deal with the same type of information (2015). The difference: this type of coding is required for popular Medicare and Medicaid plans that have many patients. On October 14, 2015, all plans will work under ICD 10, which will improve medical billing by providing doctors with more information as to better diagnose clients (2015). Moreover, ICD 9 uses the outdated …show more content…

This is where one type of plan will explain what is to be expected for users. Explaining the benefits is practically as important as the application itself: for determining the value of the health care may be "service dependent" ("Medicaid", 2015). Another important term that should be well known is clean claims. Clean claims identify the health professional, health facility, home health care provider or durable medical equipment provider that has given service to verify affiliation status. In short, it identifies a lot of the medical information to make it more transparent. It is not to be mistaken as being part of the medical billing process like balance billing, which is the practice of a provider to bill a client the difference between what the insurance will reimburse and what the provider chooses to charge ("Medicare", 2015). While both are incredibly useful, they are indeed different (2015). Both Medicare and Medicaid are health plans that truly helpful in providing the care that many patients need. Naturally, the optimal medical industry status would be providing free health care to all, but until then, both of these are wonderful and more than satisfactory in providing everything one can

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