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Medication reconciliation is a safe process that can benefit patients by providing accurate, up to date listing of current medications the patient is taking. Patients deserve high quality patient care that supports accurate medication list, eradicating potential medication errors, and providing superior safe patient care. Which then directs me to my clinical question, does accurate medication reconciliation (intervention) influence patient safety (outcome) in patent’s who have adverse drug events (problem) over a one year within ambulatory clinic settings (time)? My PICOT supportive research question has been further evaluated from the journal article, “Ambulatory Medication Reconciliation: Using a Collaborative Approach to Process Improvement at an Academic Medical Center” written by Keogh et al. (2016).
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, representative recognizes insufficient medication reconciliation consistently linking to adverse drug events, incidentally the World Health Organization’s recognizes medication reconciliation as one of the “top-five high- risk
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recognizes patient safety and adverse drug events negatively corresponded to inaccurate medication reconciliation processes (2016). An improvement effort was established in Boston with a sample of, “148 Brigham and Women’s Hospital ambulatory specialty practices” (Keogh et al., 2016, p. 186). Brigham and Women’s ambulatory specialty sample involving a 148 practices, 63 practices followed a thorough medication reconciliation process, 71 practices less restrictive revised moderate medication reconciliation process, and lastly 14 practices followed a minimal accountability with medication reconciliation (Keogh et al., 2016, p. 186). The three divisions within this study are defined in vague terms. Pointedly, a sample size of 148 specialty practices is a large respective quantity, however no definition to how many providers cover a specialty or patient to provider

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