Medieval Romantic Influence On Modern Films

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Clairerencia Hudson
Ms. Morris
English 12- 6th period
1 December 2016
The Influence of Medieval Romantic literature on modern films Does medieval romantic literature influence how modern films are made? Romantic literature started during the mid-12th Century (“Romance,” par.1). Medieval romances are stories and plays in which kings, knights, and damsels in distress go on some sort of adventure (from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight from Morte d’ Arthur). In addition, medieval romances consist of heroic figures showing acts of chivalry. As the years have passed, medieval romance has been portrayed in numerous screenings and productions. The differences, similarities and stereotypic character traits displayed in the influence of medieval romantic …show more content…

An example of the similarities in comparison to medieval romantic literature influencing modern films would be “Macbeth’s seizing of power and subsequent destruction” ; which in addition “resulted into blind ambition” in the play The Tragedy of Macbeth (“Macbeth”, par 1). This example explains Macbeth’s motives for becoming King; in which were nearly identical to Rico’s motives to become Ruler of the city in 1995’s film Judge Dredd (Simon, par. 5). Also, it shows how Macbeth was overly engaged in his desire to take over everyone, which ended with his death, as well as The Joker in the movie Dark Knight that ended with the joker being defeated (Shakespeare 379, 386, 387, “Dark Knight,” par. 8, 9). Another example of similarities influencing modern films would be in the story Beowulf when Beowulf “set sail to aid Danish King Hrothgar in his fight against the monster Grendel” (“About Beowulf”). This example shows how despite what happens in the story good always wins over evil in medieval film and literature (“Beowulf” 50, 54, 60, Simon, par 14). Also it shows the bravery and chivalry of Beowulf which in addition could be said about Batman in the film Dark Knight because he was willing to risk his life to save his world (“Beowulf 63, “Dark Knight,” par. 1). The similarities of modern films and medieval romance display how modern films are …show more content…

An example of a stereotypic character traits being displayed in the influence of medieval romantic literature on modern films would be, as stated in Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’ Arthur, “come on fiercely and slay the traitor” Mordred, for I in no wise trust him”(187). This example represents the stereotypic traits of a King because it shows how kings are looked at to be honorable and his people respected that. The people of England would do anything their King asked which is a common stereotype in modern films such as “Braveheart” (Giles, par 3). Another example would be on pg. 39 in the article “About Beowulf”, he was described as a young warrior of great strength and courage” fighting off Grendel, a “bloodthirsty foe”. This representation gives a vivid characterization of Beowulf which also is a common stereotype in other heroes in modern films such Batman, Spiderman, Superman etc.… In addition, they are usually described as strong and full of courage (Simon, par 2-10, Giles par 2). Also this representation shows how the hero in medieval romantic literature takes on an enormous challenge just to help other people which is also a common stereotype of heroes in modern film because they take it upon themselves to save the world. (“The Dark Knight” par. 6). The common stereotypic traits of heroes and kings in modern films compared to similar characters in famous medieval romantic

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