Aesthetics In Film

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There are many things that make a film interesting. This include historical context (ex. social, government, econ, etc.) and the theory around it. Films represent their times and everything that comes with it. On the other side, is the aesthetic. Films can be seen as a work of art. This can include things like techniques a creator uses, narrative structure, originality, and etc. These aspects continue to shape the films we make today. One of the major things about aesthetics is Mise-en-scene (put in scene). Mise-en-scene is the arrangement of everything that appears in the film. This is formed by setting, props, costumes, makeup, and etc. It was originally a theater term, but it expands over the years. This leads us into cinematography, which is the "aspects of the shot that are related to the camera". Aspects of cinematography include duration, lens, angle, and etc. Cinematography is one of the most important things in a film. The next aspect is sound. In film, sound can be synced, off screen, music, and it can be even be effects (ex. ADR, Foley). Editing is when all of these come together. It is how a movie is put into place shot by shot. We are able to see things because the light reflected by an object pass through our eye, it goes to the retina, and then reaches our brain. It is essentially a reflection. It will be there as long as we look at it. After the subject is removed, it doesn 't immediately leave, it 's dims. This is an optical illusion called Persistence of

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