Film Analysis Of Roger Thornwell's 'North By Northwest'

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Falon Ortega Robert Reynolds Cinema 101 22 November 2015 North by Northwest Essay In North by Northwest, the main character Roger Thornhill is mistaken to be a spy named George Kaplan by the villainous Phillip Vandamm and his henchmen. When no one believes him about his own kidnapping, not even his mother, Thornhill flees persecution from his pursuers as he seeks the real Kaplan. Along the way, he unknowingly meets the spy the false Kaplan identity was a cover for, the secondary protagonist and his love interest, Eve Kendall. North by Northwest is a visually stunning and thrilling action film of the classic Hollywood film narrative, with romance and injustice. It uses cinematography and film techniques such as misé en-scene, shot duration, continuity editing, camera angles, and lighting to establish suspense and loneliness, most notably in the iconic crop duster scene where Roger Thornhill must flee a crop duster in the middle of nowhere. The naturalistic mise-en-scéne in this scene exaggerates the loneliness of the protagonist, Roger Thornhill, in an attempt to show the vast amount of danger he’s in and his lack of outside aid. The largeness of the environment and the onscreen space is carefully scaled in order to demonstrate not only the size of his surroundings but the depth of the situation he is in, and how out of reach of help he is. We see nothing but a shoddily built fence, a dirt road, and half dead corn fields, while Roger is in his fancy grey suit. The cars

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