Meghan's 'Idiot': A Fictional Narrative

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“I wish it was okay.” He sat with the toddler, thankful that Bree had gone to Meghan’s house. “I’ve been lying to her about money and drugs, so she kicks me out of the bedroom. Then I almost cheat on her because she kicked me out of the bedroom. Way to go, right?” He moved Kellynn’s hair off her face so she wouldn’t eat it with the hot dog. “You need your mother to put your hair up,” he told the child.
“Okay.” She smiled.
“Don’t I wish life was so simple. I wasn’t going to actually have an affair you know, he continued as if she understood. “I think I just liked the attention. I don’t get that loving feeling anymore.” Tom chuckled for just a second before he started to cry. “I’m really going to lose her now. Idiot!”
Kellynn’s lip quivered, and Tom picked her up for a hug. The ketchup in her hair and on her hands went unnoticed. “I love you. Don’t cry.” He consoled the child until he was pretty sure she wasn’t going to have a meltdown, then sat her back in her chair to finish lunch. …show more content…

He had a small amount of heroin in his truck, but he couldn’t leave his daughter. If he knocked on the bedroom door that would be a disaster.
And what would he say? “Hi, honey. Can you watch your daughter while I go shoot up some heroin after I broke your heart when you learned that I was thinking about having an affair?” That would go over really

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