Men And Women's Roles In The Story Mallam Sile

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For a long time people have always thought that men and women have certain roles. They have to do these specific roles and if they don 't do what they are supposed to do they are frowned upon and people have a hard time accepting that. In all reality men and women have certain roles but there are roles that can be done by both. For example women can do jobs that are considered men jobs and vice versa. Men and women have lots of different roles that are specific to them, but there are roles women can do that a man would normally do and there are a lot of people that don 't think that is right and everyone should follow the typical stereotypes. Most people won 't accept that a woman can protect an man like in the story Mallam Sile. In the story Mallam Sile owns a tea shop and people are rude and cheat him all the time. He struggles to find a wife but as the story progresses and he is just about done building his new tea shop and he leaves for a little while and comes back with a wife who is much taller and bigger than he was. People were not paying their debts to Mallam Sile and so his wife went to get the tough guy in the village to pay his debts. …show more content…

On the other side men mostly do men things and stick to that most of the time. In another poem called G.I. Joe, it 's about a boy who was born just like all other boys. He was the typical little boy who wanted to big one day and people encouraged it. “Show us your muscles everyone would say, he was always moms big tough guy”(Maxwell Lines 4-5) This talks about how he was a tough little kid and was strong. Throughout the poem he started feeling small so the other boys helped him to get tougher. “They told him to be tough-be thoughtless, feel no pain, have no fear, show no emotions, be course, harsh, hard as nail.”(Maxwell Lines 15-17) This is showing that the others are telling him to toughen up and stay tough. He grew up into manhood and he was a tough man and he doesn 't show much emotions and stays

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