Roles Of Women In Ancient Empires Essay

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Role of Women in Ancient Empires Throughout the modern world, we mention the concept of equality between men and women and try to equalize their positions in society. It is illogical for women to ask and try to prove that they are equal with men because equality is something that are already given to humanity, but contradicting the role of women by men is what created the gap between them. By looking at history, we can say that accomplishing that goal of making their position equal is not easy. Whenever we start reading a historical context or myth, it is obvious that the role of women is not considered as important compared to men, and women won glory that time when they are mentioned in the arguments the least. If there are women that are mentioned as protagonist, the women usually are described because of their 'outrageous behavior '. However, the role of men usually are described as greatest warriors, heroes, and leaders, whereas the …show more content…

It is shown in ancient Rome that women have less ability than men to hold business application, political and warfare position. In the epic history of Rome, written by Titus Livius, known as Livy, he refers that women “cannot partake of magistracies, priesthoods, triumphs, badges of office, gifts, or spoils of war; elegance, finery and beautiful clothes are women’s badges, in these they find joy and take pride, this our forebears called the women’s world.” . This shows that the importance of women in Rome 's society was based on beauty and giving luxuries life, and public positions are not women 's badges. By doing that, they changed their focus to be only based on what they get from their husbands or males in their families. However, men were regarded as noble and superior so that they are esteemed for higher places in politics and

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