Mental Health Stigma Essay

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Stigmas. A word that is commonly used in the world. A word that is commonly stuck in many people’s minds. When the words mental health illnesses come up, some if not most people feel incredibly uncomfortable or even threatened (Davey, 2013). Eventually this could lead to a “discrimination towards people with mental health problems (Davey, 2013). Graham C.L. Davey Ph.D, (2013) put mental health stigma into two categories those being social stigma and perceived stigma or self-stigma. He described social stigma as “mental health problems as a result of the psychiatric label they have been given (Davey, 2013). The next stigma he described, perceived or self-stigma, “is the internalizing by mental health sufferer of their perceptions of discrimination” (Davey, 2013). Because of the stigmas described, people feeling this way, could cause them to not get the help they need. Along with stigmas, cost is a huge issue for those who may have an illness. Someone who has a more severe disorder can expect to pay more. The average cost for someone with a mental health illness was $1,591 (“Mental Healthcare Cost Data for All Americans”, 2006). For a child with a mental health illness the number is at $1,931 (“Mental Healthcare Cost Data for All Americans”, 2006). Lastly, but surely not the only of many, the amount …show more content…

I would recommend that there be more community involvement to inform more people about mental health illnesses. This could hopefully help with the stigma that is associated with it. Another way to help with stigma is by starting it early in schools. The cost is a tough one to find solutions for. However, I would try to fight for more funding to help those who cannot afford mental health treatments. I would also try to find ways to have free therapy sessions with a therapist. Lastly, certified mental specialist is essential. I would try and make sure that mental health specialists are indefinitely

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