Mercutio Turning Point

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The play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. Is a story about two star crossed lovers, who try to make their love work but in the end they both take their lives. In the play an important event is when Tybalt kills Mercutio and it reveals the strong friendship between Mercutio and Romeo. This is an important event since before the Capulets and Montagues met, Benvolio and Mercutio were just hanging out, and Romeo was very happy since he had just married Juliet. Secondly this is an important event as it shows Tybalt has a very strong hatred for the Montagues and seeked revenge on Romeo and the other Montagues for coming to the Capulet's feast. Lastley this event is a turning point for Romeo as this lead for him to go and kill Tybalt showing his strong friendship with Mercutio, this event is important to the text as a whole as it shows how strong …show more content…

The day is hot; the Capulets, abroad; And if we meet we shall not ’scape a brawl, For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring”. This quote means Benvolio knew the Capulets would be looking for a fight as it’s at hot day and they would already be aggravated because of it being so hot, this shows that Benvolio is not the biggest fan of violence, and he also cares for the rest of his family as they will be punished for him and the Capulets fighting if they do so. This also shows Benvolio is very level headed as he knows the possible consequences that could come from fighting with the Capulet and it showed when the Capulets were looking for a fight and it then ended with one of his great friends losing his life. This shows that in this time in Verona fighting was happening way to often, for any lives to properly go on as, none of the men go anywhere without looking for a fight between someone to show that they are better

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