Mexican War Vs Indian Removal Act Essay

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The Indian Removal Act and the Mexican War were both drastic times in history where many lives were lost for reasons many people do not understand. North Americas colonization is the main reason for conflict between white settlers and Native Americans. The Proclamation of 1763 stated that the colonists had to stay east of the Appalachian Mountains, and the land west of the Appalachian Mountains was for the Native Americans. By the 1800’s, this eventually caused overcrowding in the cities and many people wanted to move to the Native Americans land. General Andrew Jackson was involved in the first Seminole War when he took action and tried to take possession of the Seminole-held fort from the Spanish and Indian tribes in Prospect Bluff, Florida. …show more content…

Congress basically gave permission to Jackson to offer tribes land west of the Mississippi River for their land east of the river. People thought this offer was indulgent, but the Native Americans wouldn’t give up their homes effortlessly. The government used unfair strategies to get tribes to agree with the offer. The Fox and Sauk tribes’ leader, Chief Black Hawk, was one of the governments first fool to fall into their trap. He refused to respect the treaty to give their land to the US, but agreed to move west of the Mississippi River to land in Iowa. In extreme distress because of his decision he led his tribe back to the original location. The government sent a large number of troops to kill off all women, men and children who couldn’t keep up with the proceeding army, this was known as the Black Hawk’s War. Black Hawk was detained after the tribes were beat at the Bad Axe Massacre and he was enforced to sign a treaty that caused the rest of the Fox and Sauk tribes to move to an area west of the Mississippi. The Creek Indians refused to leave their sacred grounds for four years until strain gave the government an opening to win them

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