Midgley's Argument For Evaluating The Working Class Family Society

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The world is constantly changing. In the last 50 years it has changed in a whirlwind. With technological advancements that were made available to the working class family society became more connected than they’d ever been before. In the early 1900’s telephones and telegraphs became popular and in the decade’s following came landlines and cellphones. Where there had previously been newspapers and radios available for the flow of news, computers and televisions replaced them. 100 years ago cars were just being perfected, now there are planes to fly over oceans and the common family has at least one if not two cars. As technology changed so did the people. Values changed and opinions were spewed for millions to hear. Cultures of small developing countries were broadcasted and the public tried to understand it all based on a two page article from their laptop or an hour long segment on the …show more content…

Midgley fails to fully describe what goes into judging a society. This is key because she does bring this point up throughout her article. She tried to devote a whole paragraph to the issue but she got off track and she also didn’t fully describe the issue. However with that point lacking the article was still able to be understood it just made her argument less credible and left something to be desired. By revising her paragraph on the issue she would have a much stronger point and would leave the second half of her paper easier to understand and agree with. In conclusion, the aricle by Mary Midgley brings up many good points for many civilizations and philosophers to take to heart and try to decipher. Although it is not an issue that can be resolved overnight it could be a positive path to point future generations in. With the advancements in communication it is now easier than ever to either expedite the damage or to slowly come to terms and solve it. So now it is the time to change for the

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