Evolution Of Mass Media Essay

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Major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century It has come to our attention that media is changing since its origin. In mid last century newspaper and magazine were the principle source of mass communications. Later the radio provided another source to achieve the majority. Individuals frequently tuned in to get records of what is happening in the world, getting to know the current trends. Newspapers were still sought after and still utilized frequently. After that TV turned into a fundamental source of assets for the mass communications. The TV was a mix of the radio and the newspaper and individuals were interested in it. In 1962, the dispatch of a satellite offered access to overall news. As technology extended …show more content…

In many cases you find that many Americans rely on media as their source of information and this have changed their culture of maybe doing research on something they want to get more information about, relying mainly on secondary data will not make them get the required information they need. In the other hand whenever they obtain the information from the media they usually do not address where that data originated from and they are not sure if that information is reliable. This new source of data is a massive impact on American culture, as well as the whole world. Media can impact the emotions of people in various ways, both good and bad, for instance government effect on media can influence the assessments of the general population presented to that particular media. As individuals turn out to be more aware about what is really going on, and taking about it through developing media sources and presenting themselves to a wide range of sources of mass media, the individual can discover reality and frame his or her own particular taught assessment, and American culture holds this as an essential factor in the general population 's regular daily existences. We feel as though we are not really controlled by the media, but rather individuals responsible for our nation, and rising media has made this

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