Mikhail Baryshnikov's Influence On Performing Art

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Ballet has influenced not only dancers but many other people throughout the world. From the beginning, ballet has had a significant impact on the performing arts for both the performers and spectators. It has played an important role in helping to shape the performing arts into what it is today. The creation and development of ballet brought about a new way of expressing feelings and telling stories as a part of performing arts and has been the foundation for many other dance styles. Ballet originated in Europe during the Renaissance and has influenced performing arts throughout generations. It has evolved into a highly complex art form over the past 500 years. It has been a starting point for many other dance styles. From the early times, …show more content…

Mikhail Baryshnikov is one of the most famous ballet dancers for over the past 50 years. His explosive style redefined the role of the male dancer in ballet and helped dancers to be correctly seen as athletes as much as artists. When he was young, his father didn 't like him spending his time dancing. His mother encouraged him to dance. Sadly, his mother commit suicide. Mikhail had lived a tragic childhood. Even with this misfortune, he continued dancing. Baryshnikov was born in Russia. At first, he moved to Canada, hoping to have more freedom in his dancing. He moved to Canada in 1974, when he was twenty-six. After he moved to Canada, he decided to move to America. There, he danced for George Balanchine. In 1979, after a year of dancing for Balanchine and the New York City Ballet, Baryshnikov became the director of the American Ballet Theater. Maria Tallcheif was another famous dancer. Maria Tallcheif 's father was a full-blooded Indian from a tribe in Oklahoma. She married George Balanchine when she was twenty-one. She danced in many of his ballets. She was a prima ballerina. Jennifer Ringer also was a famous ballerina. As a child, she had a wild imagination. She didn 't like dance until she was in a hard, challenging class. The Nutcracker and Swan Lake are some of the most popular Russian ballet stories. Ballet is a production that uses dance, music, and scenery to tell a story or create a mood. Dancers move their bodies in order to express emotion or tell stories. Music plays a big part in ballet and dance. Without music, it would be just a series of

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