Milgram's Experiment And Learned Helplessness Martian Seligman

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Milgram’s Experiment and Learned Helplessness Martian Seligman
• The purpose of the research that is described in the study
• The research methods that were used
• The general results that were found (results do not need to be described in detail)
• The conclusions that were drawn
• The overall implications of the research
Milgram’s Experiment was the experiment with the electric shock to the “student” by the (teacher) and every time the (student) got the answer wrong. The (teacher) would send a shock to them using buttons from the other side of the room. With every wrong answer the electric shock would go up in the shock. This Experiment was one of the unethical practices because there was some emotional distress on the (teacher) who was the one administering the electric shock. The reason for this experiment was to see if the obedience of a person is truly possible to even obey direct
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Methods: Milgram’s was at the Harvard University and it was conducted with men ranging in various ages and social statues. They were to be told what to do, how to do it, and to keep on going because the experiment asked for it. Learned Helplessness was about the same as Milgram’s experiment, but it was just to show that shocks for bad behavior could have negative repercussions. It completely stopped the dog from having any type of motivation to do anything.
The Results for both experiments where very scary, in to knowing that a person can be pushed to the limits and do things that they would never do. Also, to know that there is a breaking point in everything and everyone to just shut down completely.
People can be obedient to orders that are giving to them and being push to the limit can make someone just stop
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