Miranda Rights Essay

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The Miranda Rights were put in place to make sure any person who is placed under arrest, is informed of their rights. A suspect should only be read their rights when legally required, such as when an official arrest is made, or when the person being questioned is a juvenile. Exigent circumstances can grant an officer the ability to bypass reading of The Miranda Rights to a suspect.
Page Break In 1966 the Miranda Rights were established to insure a person who is under arrest is aware of their rights, which is due to the United States Supreme Court case Miranda V. Arizona. Rights such as these, were put in place to inform citizens of their ability to not incriminate themselves, or their right to have counsel present at the time of their
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In general the parent has a right to be notified when their child is being questioned. But it is not up to the parent to decide whether or not they are present during questioning. The juvenile is required to be told that they can have a parent there and that they have a right to an attorney, but it is up to them if they are present. If the juvenile then requests the parent and/or attorney, the questioning must be suspended until the parent or attorney is brought in. Exceptions to the exception would involve questioning the minor at their school. There is no constitutional right saying a parent must be notified when their child is being questioned, but most schools will notify a parent in such a circumstance, if they felt it was required. Another exception to the rule would be if there was a threat to public safety i.e. a missing weapon. If the officer in this circumstance felt within reasonable doubt that there was an immediate need to find the weapon, he could do so without advising the suspect of his right. This exception is known as “The Public Safety Exception” . The law states, that whenever there is an imminent threat to public, preserving life becomes main
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