Miscommunications In The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan

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In the world today there are a lot of miscommunications between mothers and their daughters. In “ The Joy Luck Club “ Amy Tan the author shows the miscommunications between Suyuan and her daughter Jing Mei. Tan shows the miscommunications by showing different situations throughout the story between Suyuan and Jing Mei.

In the Joy Luck Club Tan shows the miscommunication between Jing Mei and suyuan. For example, on page 146 it states, “ My mother slapped me, Who asked you to be genius, only asked you to be your best”. Before suyuan said this jing mei believed that suyuan wanted her to be the best at everything. This was not true she just wanted her to give max effort. In the text it shows, Suyuan always expected Jing mei to try her hardest at everything she tried. Suyuan just wanted Jing Mei to give hard effort and become a successful person through the things she did. …show more content…

One experience that has shaped suyuan was when she was forced to leave china and she had to leave the two kids behind. On page 20 it states “ I packed my two babies and my things into a wheelbarrow and began pushing to jung king for four days before the japanese marched into kweilin”. Suyuan was forced to leave her hometown and leave her two kids behind when the Japanese invaded kweilin. This was a very difficult experience for suyuan and it shaped her later on in her life. This experience influenced suyuan and she tries to use it to help jing

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