Misogynistic Crimes

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Tougher Punishments for Rougher Players
Since 2000, NFL players have been committing increasingly serious crimes, considerable amounts of which have been against women. Misogyny, a hatred of women (“Merriam Webster Dictionary”), is an issue among NFL players, as displayed by their crimes against women. Although some people argue that misogyny in the NFL is not a problem and does not need attention, harsher punishments for offenders need to be implemented because excused misogynistic crimes leads to domestic violence and sexual assault, and it teaches children that misogyny and the crimes that come with it are not a big deal when they are.
Domestic violence and violence against women in general are definite problems amongst NFL players and they …show more content…

The first incident occurred in 2013, but he denied it and was not charged. The first incident involved a massage therapist. In December of 2013, she told police that Spillman groped her and tried to tear off her pants after a massage. “He was trying to rape me!” Spillman was not disciplined for either incident by his team or the NFL. According to the victim’s attorney, Gloria Allred, she has spent a considerable amount of time with NFL investigators on Spillman’s case, but they have not told her anything about taking action or disciplining Spillman. “I am very happy that the criminal justice system will now try to move forward to prosecute Mr. Spillman, but it is shameful that the NFL has taken no action in the interim. Their face-saving PR campaign which, in my opinion, was designed to make them appear sympathetic to victims of sexual assault or domestic violence is now revealed for what it really was, a sham and a slick PR trick, because their words do not match their deeds in this case” (O’Keefe). The American Justice System is not without its flaws and the NFL cannot simply rely on it to discipline their players. It is irresponsible and causes them to seem unsympathetic and uncaring. One could get the impression that they care more about football, a game, than the people negatively affected by their

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