Miss Castle In Antigone

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In the play, “Antigone” involves a young girl named Antigone who, was trying to achieve something that was against all odds. While in the play “She Stoops to Conquer” Miss Castle would try to achieve her goal by trickery and her wits to get what she wants. But the way Antigone did it, she would try everything to prove her point, even by standing up to the authority to risk her life. But Miss Castle would do this by deceiving her crush Young Marlow to fall in love with her.

The first thing Antigone did to rise against all odds by disobeying the King Creon her uncle by burying her brother. “ has not Ceron to the tomb preferred One of our brothers ,..’’(Antigone 2). She did that because in that time the Greeks believed that it was a right by the gods to be buried by one of your loved ones. She would do that in tho the …show more content…

When she did it she most likely wanted the whole world know because she told her sister Ismene go tell the world. “Tell it, tell it!” (Antigone 4). When she told her sister Ismene to spread word about her burying her brother so Creon will know so she can stand up to him. When she finally buried her brother she did it twice because she caught the second time and when Creon ask Antigone did you bury your brother she replied so confidently yes. “I say I did ; I deny it not.”(Antigone 17). Then Ceron asked why did you disobey my decree by burying your brother. Antigone replied by saying, “Because not Zeus who ordered it, Nor Justice, dweller with the Nether Gods, Gave such a law to men; ; nor I deem Your ordinance of so much binding force,...”(Antigone 17). Antigone told Ceron right to his face I won't obey your law because your law goes against the Gods laws. During that time

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