Missouri Compromise Of 1820 Tensions Between 1820 And Proslavery

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Event Issues Events Outcomes Relation to CW Missouri Compromise of 1820 Tensions between proslavery and antislavery began to rise within the US Congress. Also the balance of power in the Congress was trying to be achieved as well. Missouri requested to be admitted as a slave state in 1819. In result of this request, they made a two-part compromise allowing Missouri to be a slave state, but in order to balance the states out, they made Maine a free state. Also passed an amendment to the imaginary line that marked where the Louisiana Purchase/ Territory began. A compromise was created in order to create a balance between the slave and free states. Also, it created a controversy that was not necessarily as popular or supported before. More people began to open their minds about their opinion on slavery. In relation to the Civil War, it awakened the situation to people who had not been aware that it was a problem. It pushed people who were already …show more content…

These slaves were not allowed to have a jury at trial or a trial itself. Laws were passed that went against the running away of slaves or from fleeing from the states and into neighboring countries like for example Canada. Freed slaves were being captured and sent to jail, to a new job, or returned to their owners if they had been escaped from their labor. Slaves were upset due to the laws that were being created and enforced in every state against them. More controversy was made in the US. Uncle Tom’s Cabin Changed how Americans viewed slavery for those who were being closed minded and enhanced the ideas of those who were already aware of the situation. Harriet B. Stowe had experienced the effect of slavery herself. Her novel was based on the experience and how it was seen from another perspective. Many viewers could now look at slavery from a different point of

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