Momma The Dentist And Me Analysis

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In “Momma, the Dentist, and Me,” Maya Angelou describes Mommas’ struggle during racial segregation in a childhood memory and in a rare but glorious case is overcome. Angelou recalls when she and Momma, her grandmother, go to the dentist for a toothache severe enough that young Angelou contemplates death to feel relief from the excruciating pain. Angelou imagines her Momma’s actions in the dentist's office after being turned down heroically. Angelou demonstrates a small victory over racism with Momma’s actions as she stands valiantly against racial injustice. In order to strengthen her narrative, Angelou employs imagery, hyperbole, and tone effectively. (MS 2) Throughout the narrative, Angelou includes excellent imagery. Angelou describes the long period of time standing on the porch of the dentist’s office. Angelou creates the image of her Momma; “The sun had baked the oil out of Mamma’s skin and melted the Vaseline in her hair. She shone greasily as she leaned out of the dentist’s shadow” (Angelou, 1969, p. 97). This quote crafts a view of Momma’s skin reflecting the humility of being disrespected in front of Angelou. Momma displays to her granddaughter that one does not have to be discriminated against, …show more content…

Angelou recounts her great pain by using effective hyperbole in the passage. Angelou displays this: “I prayed earnestly that I’d be allowed to sit under the house and have the building collapse on my left jaw.”(Angelou, 1969, p. 95) Through using hyperbole, Angelou portrays the physical pain she is enduring. Angelou exaggerates the physical pain showing the magnitude of agony experienced at the time. While Angelou is imagining when Momma is in the dentist’s office, another example of hyperbole occurs. Angelou imagines: “Momma pulled herself back from being ten feet tall with eight-foot arms” (Angelou, 1969, p. 98). This application of hyperbole depicts the heroism exemplified by

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