Avec Merci Mother Analysis

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Maya Angelou has a high regard for her family in the poem “Avec Merci, Mother”. Every one born in this universe, love and esteem their mother. Maya Angelou is no exception. She admires her mother, appreciates her role in the family and expresses her gratitude by singing songs to praise her greatness. She is adorned as a courteous and gracious lady from whom she has learnt all manners. “From her penny of beauty Posing lofty, …. She praises all who kneel and whispers softly, … a solitary figure Hold her eyes”. Maya Angelou humbly accepts the fact that she does not look fair and good-looking but her resisting power is astounding. Being born as a black lady she is upset at times but, it lives for a short while. She advises all women to join hands with her in her march towards a Utopia where they would also be treated on par with everyone. All her dreams take a form in her poetry and her vision is demanding. Her ideas take form of complacency through her poems. Dr. Usha thinks, “The Female identity crisis is centered around her appearance. In a society attuned to White standards of physical beauty, Angelou felt plain and ugly and therefore inadequate. This threw her into a psychological prison from which she freed herself with great difficulty. Running parallel to the identity crises is the theme of …show more content…

She prepares her mind to accept her colour though it is not appealing to the eyes of the beholder. But she remarkably carves out her path to travel through which elevates her thoughts and her personality to an unexpected level. When the secret of her success is revealed she is eyed with a suspicion by others who are beautiful, appealing and good-looking. She has the knack to clutch all the chances that cross her way and knows to keep success within her promising limits. She pompously calls herself as a phenomenal

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