Monologue Of John Proctor

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[Setting]: John Proctor’s household: John and Elizabeth Proctor are convicted and jailed, leaving Mary Warren alone and vulnerable. It is around one o’clock in the morning.

Abigail, hatchet in hand with a deranged look upon her face smashes the door open, Mary Warren stirs but falls asleep once more: Where may you be, Mary? Laughs with a growing sense of insanity, beginning to hit and destroy everything in her sight. Where may you be, traitor?

Mary Warren, hears the clamor and awakes confused: Abby? Does she know not what time it is?

Abigail, continues to destroy the furniture while laughing: Mary? Where are you? Her anger increases Not a brick nor plank will remain in this household unscathed, I shall come for you and this house as love …show more content…

In a panic, she blocks the door with a low chest: Abby? Abby, please! I never meant to betray you!
Abigail, ceases laughing and runs up the stairs: O Mary, is thou frightened by me? Swings the hatchet around and strikes the wall.

Mary, now fearing her life: No Abigail, our bonds are as though of sisterhood! Hast thou forgotten the lies I told to protect you? Hast thou forsaken the sacrifices I made? Mercy Lewis made? All for you!

Abigail: Laughs and enters Elizabeth’s room, almost as if she was in a trance, she examines everything: I suppose you are not mistaken Mary. To herself: O Proctor, thou would have been happier than the wealthiest man in the village had you not hid your feelings for me. I would have treated you better, with love! Unlike that cold-hearted worthless devil! Cursed are the both of you!

Mary, looks around to try to escape but is trapped in her room and begins to cry: Abby, I’m sorry for betraying you, you know the pressure Proctor inflicted onto me! Please Abby, forgive me, forgive me!

Abigail: What is forgiven is forgotten, and ye shall fulfill a necessary part to my …show more content…

Abigail, walking towards Mary: I require your assistance to rob Parris of his money, then we can leave this village together. My deeds are completed, and though I did not get my wish, I left Elizabeth in agony.

Mary: Abigail, surely you must know that stealing from a reverend is a condemnable sin and crime. I cannot put my life at risk once more…

Abigail, continues to walk towards Mary who falls back on her bed. Mary takes her hatchet and places the edge of the blade on Mary’s neck: I believe, that thou proclaimed your service to me? After going against me in court? After making a fool out of me in front of the village? Shouting Only to come crying back to me after seeing my capabilities and intentions? Cry traitor! Cry! I shall give you eternal pain if you wish to cry-

Mary: Abigail, no!

Abigail: Dost thou relinquish yourself to me? Are you now going to do my bidding? Are you going to assist me in robbing Parris? Or shall I aid you in your crying? Abigail takes the hatchet and positions the blade on Mary’s arm. Shall I aid thou?
Mary, bawling: I shall do your bidding

Abigail, face to face with Mary- laughs: Prepare yourself for a voyage, we shall leave immediately after the

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