Examples Of John Proctor's Ambition In The Crucible

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The Crucible There is no greater fall, than a fall off a pedestal. In the play, “The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller, the protagonist John Proctor endures many struggles and as a consequence had many mistakes. Unluckily for John he was placed on a pedestal, he was viewed in the town as a religious figure. Although, through his closeted flaws he fell from his grace, that downfall eventually led to his execution. The saying good outweighs the bad is proven wrong in this play, because despite his good qualities he's still put to death. Despite the flaws, and any sins he may of committed, such as adultery, his fall was inevitable because of the forces beyond his control, such as, how he was viewed, Abigail’s vendetta against him, and him being accused of witchcraft.
John Proctor was an important name in Salem during the days of the witch trials, and before that. His opinion was held in high regards and his example was always followed. His reputation was built up so high he was bound to make a mistake.For example,”I would save …show more content…

Once Mary felt the walls start closing in on her, after numerous threats of being hung, she throws the blame on someone else, someone close to her, John Proctor. For example,”I cannot...don’t touch me! You’re the Devil’s man.”(Miller,Act III, 118). This quote shows the result of Abigail’s actions , and how it essentially made Mary give into the pressure and her fear of being killed for something she didn’t do. This also shows, the accusation made was the reason for Proctor’s death. Another example,"God is dead!"(Miller,Act III). This quote goes to show, that if an upright man like John is accused of witchcraft, anyone has the potential to be hanged for this crime. Therefore when John says this, he means, there is no justice and no God in Salem. This action alone is the ultimate cause of his

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