Monologue Of Lady Macbeth

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Today I went to the acclaimed Banquet for the new king Macbeth. The events that had taken place cannot be called anything other than strange. As we arrived we were greeted by king Macbeth, and we were seated according to our ranks as thanes where i was fourth as the Thane of Dawn Star. Things seemed to be going smoothly until someone came to the door and had a word with the king, the king seemed different. It was as if something shocked but after talking to Lady Macbeth he seemed to regain his composure. Most of the other Thanes were enjoying themselves as Macbeth came back to the table. As Macbeth comes back to the table he makes a toast and speaks of Banquo not being at the table. Macbeth then says that he hopes Banquo is not in danger, as …show more content…

Many of the thanes became confused as Lady Macbeth explains that Macbeth has always had this condition ever since he was a child. Macbeth started pointing to the air shouting utter nonsense as if he was hallucinating.He seemed to have been speaking of the dead but none of it seemed to make sense. Lady Macbeth began to try to get Macbeth back into reality as he was seeming to lose his sanity. After some continued time Macbeth seemed to come back to reality and told us that he has gotten these hallucinations all of the time. Personally I do not buy such a disorder as I have never heard of Macbeth having it and it seemed as though he was hiding something. Besides that I still feel that it looks weak that our King looked so feeble and pathetic in that state. Then for a short time Macbeth regains his sanity and makes a toast to Banquo. After that Macbeth immediately goes back to shouting at nothing and Lady Macbeth reitterates that this is a common thing for Macbeth. Lady Macbeth then talks down to Macbeth for making a scene of himself and as he is speaking of himself being a man. As Ross tries to speak to the king, Lady Macbeth yells at them as it only makes Macbeth’s condition worse. She then told us to leave which we followed through with. Overall the banquet was complete confusion and I don’t believe the King’s

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