Character Changes In The Film 'Macbeth'

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The film Macbeth illustrates Lady Macbeth and Macbeth to have very different personalities than their original counterpart of the play. Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a much more grieving mother. Her characteristics change and are more revealed during the killing of the Macduff family. Throughout the film Lady Macbeth is demonstrated as a much more emotional character, with her grieving over her child's death, to the breakdown during the terrifying burning of the Macduff family. The new characteristics of the character also again give a new feel to the storyline of the character. The change of Lady Macbeth is best seen in the way Ari Mattes’s review describes it stating , “About a third of the way through the film, she suddenly becomes a profoundly sympathetic character” (Mattes …show more content…

Ari Mattes again gives a great point of view in her statement, “ We watch her cry as the wife and children of Macduff are executed, and note the look of regret in her eyes as Macbeth becomes increasingly mad” (Mattes 1). Showing from the eyes of Lady Macbeth we watch her wreath in pain of sorrow as she witnesses her husband go “mad” from all his actions. The character of Macbeth manifests into a completely different person in the eyes of film maker Justin Kurzel, as the character seems to be suffering from the pains of his tragic past, also known as post traumatic stress disorder. The memories of battles and violent times in the life of Macbeth, from war times to murders he has committed, puts a serious toll on his mental state. Macbeth can be seen dragging many bodies after the aftermath of war, and the killing of Duncan has shown that it has put a scar into the character of Macbeth. The character is suffering and this depiction of Macbeth is believed to have a modern mental illness. Macbeth’s past definitely can support the idea of his disturbed state of mind as we watch the character change throughout the film.

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