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The official definition of a monster is a creature with negative connotation, but there are many definitions of what a monster could be. Each person has a different opinion of what a monster could be. A person’s definition of a monster is decided upon someone’s different phobia, culture and background. The definition of a monster develops throughout a person’s lifetime, ranging from the appearance of fictional characters like Freddy Krueger, to real life menaces like serial killers. When I was younger, I always felt like something was watching me. I remember trying to go to sleep, then looking up to see a dark shadow that looked like a person in my curtains staring at me. It did not help when my closet door broke and the door would creak open more and more every night. That monster that was always watching me was the boogieman. My older cousins told me horrible stories about the boogieman. They told me that if I misbehaved …show more content…

Brock is a student who went to Stanford that raped an unconscious college student behind a dumpster. Brock went to court and told them that alcohol was in his system so he was not thinking right, and he was sorry for what he had did. When they went to court the judge sentenced him to only six months in jail because of his lack of criminal history and the judge said that prison would be a “severe impact” of an offender his age. When Brock had raped the college student it was a severe impact on her life also but the judge did not consider that in court. Even though Brock was supposed to be in jail for six months, he got out in three. A prosecutor, named Alaleh Kianerci, had come up and said that the rapist deserved six years or more, not just three months. The people of Santa Clara County started protesting around the jail. They were protesting about how Judge Persky should be fired and the Justice System not being fair. With all the protesting nothing had changed since the rapist is still walking free

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