What Does Monsters University Mean To You Essay

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Some might think it’s childish but Disney has always been extremely special to me. Since I was a toddler I grew up with Mickey Mouse toys and Disney movie VHS tapes. I have also always loved art for as long as I can remember. It was only until after I had the privilege of visiting Walt Disney World for the first time in the summer of 2010 that I then realized I might be able to join my love of Disney and love of art. During my stay I explored an art related store in the Downtown Disney area, seeing all the pieces of concept art from my favorite movies hung up on the walls really opened my eyes. There was this one area where they had some animators doing rough sketches of some Disney characters, I requested Alice from the 1951 Alice in Wonderland …show more content…

Now I not only watch their movies and shorts with amazement just because it’s part of my childhood, but I take note of every movement a character makes, trying to figure out how the animators did that. How did the character designers come up with this character’s personality? How did the storyboarders plan out this scene before it came to this? One movie in particular really hit me hard. Usually movie sequels, or, prequels aren’t the best but I really fell in love with Monsters University. Monsters University is the story of how Mike and Sully got to where they were in Monsters INC. Ever since Mike visited the Monsters Incorporated Scare Factory as a young monster he’s had this dream of working there and attending Monsters University some day. I always cry happy tears when watching that movie, because I relate to Mike in a big way. A lot of people laughed at Mike when he would exclaim his excitement over one day being a scarer, and that 's the same thing people do to me. They tell me my dream is too far-fetched, or because it 's related to Disney; too childish. My favorite scene of the movie is at the end, when MIke has worked his way up to his dream job. He’s already been working at the factory for year, but in the lunchroom or in the mail

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