Examples Of Monstrosity In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Monstrosity reveals a lot about how humans think and feel. What one finds monstrous exposes their innermost fears. Monstrosity is that which is unusual, unnatural, and frightening. Monsters show that human nature projects its fears onto visible things, is aghast of the unknown and abnormal, and that a little monstrosity is present in everyone. Humans cast their fears onto monsters to be defeated on screen, in stories, and in between the coovers of books so they can gain a temporary sense of closure. This is perhaps the most obvious purpose of monsters. For instance, an unknown threat is much more difficult to conquer than a tangible creature. In the eighth paragraph of his essay “Our Monsters, Ourselves”, Timothy K. Beal stated, “... Our continued…show more content…
In accordance with human nature, one will look to satisfy their own needs before thinking of others. Elie Wiesel wrote of such things in his memoir, Night. One passage says, “Men threw themselves on top of each other. The audience stared at these skeletons of men, fighting each other to the death for a mouthful.” This passage also highlights mankind’s inner monstrosity. This passage uses the word “audience”, suggesting that the people witnessing the gruesome scene Wiesel was describing were entertained by it. Another passage shows this as well. The passengers on our boat were amusing themselves by throwing coins to the ‘natives’, who were diving in to get them. An attractive, aristocratic Parisienne was deriving special pleasure from the game. I suddenly noticed that two children were engaged in a death struggle, trying to strangle each other. I turned to the lady. ‘Please,’ I begged, ‘don’t throw any more money in!’ ‘Why not?’ she said. ‘I like giving to charity…’” The woman, and the other passengers were enjoying their game of throwing coins. They were completely untouched by the “natives’” suffering. This is the kind of inner monstrosity mankind fancies itself not to have, but it’s there
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