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Zin was born with the name Kwak Soojin on April 10, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea, and has a younger sister whom she misses when away from home. As well as being the youngest member of D-Unit, she is also the tallest. She stands strong, sleek, and confident at 165 cm, and weighing a nimble 50 kgs. Her svelte frame and conditioned body grant her the energy she needs to be the primary vocalist and lead rapper for D-Unit; singing and rapping are talents she developed while attending Seoul Kuro High School and Seoul National University. Her hard work and focus led to entering the world stage in August, 2012, after being discovered by a very lucky vocal trainer and professional singer named JC. Fate sprinkled her with destiny, and she later …show more content…

She loves life so much that she often moves only her head around like a doll while in the car! We can only wonder what her friend, EXID, thinks about how silly Zin is. Silliness aside, she has a great relationship with her father. In fact, her favorite nickname is the one her father has been calling her: Ttallangu. Some people also call her ""Red Sun"" because her spirit burns with the luminosity of a 10,000 candles. One of the noticeably unique qualities about her is her sense of fashion. When Zin feels like showing the world who she is, she dresses almost completely in black, with a galaxy of accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and piercings. Her preference for self-decoration reflects the great depth she has in her spirit. Zin once conceived of a dream. A unknown person was standing atop an immense valley, calmly observing it’s see-through floor, and embracing a carp, lifting it towards the sky. As much as she would like to know the meaning of this dream, she understands that it might be about something only temporary. As a Christian she lives by the saying “This too shall pass”. Other interests that shall pass are her taste in music and

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