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In April 1865 by Jay Winik; Jay thinks and over and over again claims that the month of April in the year 1865, is the most important time of the civil war. He claims, “This month is the month that unraveled the American nation. Instead saved it.” He also claims “it’s the most moving and decisive month of the war”. Jay Winik does not appreciate the forces that made the Confederate to the climax of failure. Jay Winik also believes that even the most devoted and hardcore confederates knew they were going to lose at the end of the war. During this time in the book it was fall of 1864, right around the time president Abraham Lincoln, was going to be reelected. Through out the book Winik expels more stories of the month of April. This book talks …show more content…

This book talks about when the United States almost started a full nuclear war because of a few soviet missiles flew into the states allegedly. They flew B-47s and B-52s as air fleets for 40 years of this international problem between the Soviet Union and the United States. In the year 1945 America ended World War 2, as the head nuclear power in the world. Even though the U.S. was the nuclear power, they did not have any nuclear bombs. The whole point of this “cold war” was to maintain a peace among uneasy times, which did not work. The “A” bomb is the most powerful and destructive nuclear weapon of today. It would not have been made if it were not for the cold war. The bombing of Hiroshima ended the war between the United States and Japan. The long fall of communism was a necessity to the nature of history and peace. The point of the USSR was to compete with the United State until it would eventually destroy. Little did they know that the USSR and the rest of the Soviet Union and communist would fall instead because of lacking stability and leader. It was known that the first 2 nuclear powers were making bets that the other wouldn’t attack the other, but they would retaliate if they did. This then called for scientific and industrial advancements, investments, etc. This was so the Soviet Union wouldn’t fall behind any other nation. They wanted to be equal if not better. They would definitely not be beaten. Propaganda was a big part of all of this. It started in 1946 with a press release that warned of “destruction around the corner” if there were any more “aggression.” The Soviet Unions stock piled doubled by 1948. In 1949 the demand for America to create more and nuclear weapons quicker. This also called for bigger bomb detection radar stations, and other defense weapons. In 1965 the soviets had a really good grip of control

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