Manhattan Project Dbq Essay

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The Manhattan Project Helpless. Vulnerable. Defeated. But not cowards. After the U.S. faced a lethal attack at their naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, it was the clear the U.S. needed far more power to defend against their international opponents. In order to resolve such a conflict, the United States embarked on a secret military mission known as the Manhattan Project to explore new ways to advance their reserve of warfare weaponry. After years of experimentation, the operation brought forth the creation of the deadliest weapon in history- the atomic bomb. Thanks to the Manhattan Project, the United States uncovered revolutionary new knowledge in the field of nuclear weaponry that not only signaled enormous strides in the advancement of technology but dually offered a solution to the country’s conflict with Japan, and established the United States as a force to be reckoned with against enemy countries eager to …show more content…

Always and everywhere in that first round of nuclear proliferation the same reason repeated: because possession of such a weapon appeared to be the only defense against an enemy similarly armed (Doc. C). The Manhattan Project mistakenly gave other countries the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons that are more powerful, which could pose a threat on the well being of every human being on the planet (Doc B). Although the project sought to promote safety for all citizens of the United States and put an end to WWII, the U.S definitely left their mark on some countries. Germany and Russia, unlike some of the other countries, benefitted from the entire project, acquiring revolutionary information allowing them to conduct their own atomic experiences as well. Unlike these countries, Japan was the most damaged by the bombs. Although the employment of the bombs was not necessarily humane, it was made to prove a point that we were serious and we wanted peace

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