Montresor Unreliable Narrator

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In the story ¨The Cask of Amontillado¨ by Edgar Allan Poe is a powerful story about revenge that takes readers into the mind of a murderer. Montresor is a perfect example of an unreliable narrator because he was capable of burying Fortunato into a vault. He vows revenge on Fortunato for an insult. He can’t be trusted, even if he’d be lying about Fortunato’s death. Fortunato´s name means ¨fortunate¨ which in reality, he didn 't really turn out that way. The first piece of evidence in the story that makes Montresor an unreliable narrator is his evil nature and heightened deprivation. He knew his house would be empty without house servants because the Italian Carnival was currently going on and cleverly took advantage to lure Fortunato and get

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