Chirron: Film Analysis

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The main character of this film tries to navigate a difficult life of being bullied for his differences from his peers, the actions of his mother, and the importance of not allowing others to define and dictate your life-path. There are three chapters in his life which outline the influences, circumstances, and choices the main character makes. This film is challenging to watch and has moments deep remorse and shame. The provoking subjects of gay, black, male, poverty, illicit drugs, and addiction all converge to deliver a powerful message. Everyone struggles with identity and sometimes the struggle defines you. Moonlight is coming of age film for a young boy names Chirron. The film follows Chirron as he grows up in south eastern Florida. …show more content…

Juan says the following to Chirron while they are sitting on bench at a public beach, “At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you 're going to be. Can 't let nobody make that decision for you.” (Jenkins, 2016). I feel we all struggle and endure similar problems while growing up. Living with labels assigned by societies and peers seek to define our limits and capabilities. Growing up people may tell you what you are going to amount to or what the think you should be. The message is to develop your own identity, and do not let anyone mock, dissuade, or defeat your spirit. I seek connect this film to five concepts in our text, Experiencing Intercultural Communication. The concepts I am exploring cited in the text are: communication and resistance to the dominant culture, power, prejudice, stereotypes, identities (Martin & Nakayama, 2014). Moonlight seeks to deliver a powerful lesson on the struggles of growing up as part of a minority culture and finding an appropriate and suitable identity, which is not dictated by …show more content…

He remains withdrawn and tries best to keep to himself. In addition, he often runs away from his trouble home and remains disengaged from his peers. Throughout his influences in life, at an older age he becomes involved illicit drug trade and creating a tough persona. His choices display defiance and his resolve to remain part of the counter culture. Likewise, power plays an important role in defining and shaping the relationships Chirron develops with his peers and elders within Moonlight. Chirron’s mentor, Juan, holds an important position of power within the community. His power is evident by subservient attitudes towards him. His power comes from his position as a lead within a drug distribution organization and by his size and stature. This power is used to provide resources, withhold them, and issue punishment (Torelli & Shavitt, 2010). However, Juan’s unrestricted ability to influence does not create completely self-centered person. This point remains important as his benevolence guides and influences Chirron to a great deal. This reflects recent research that power holders are capable of generous acts. The value and benefits of power remains defined by cultural views. Goals of achieving power and the weight it carries are not the same within all cultures. In other words, power should not be considered a negative attribute when used for benevolent acts. I suspect Juan was

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