Moral Integrity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Being the older sibling, Jem realizes the long-held values of Maycomb, but only as he matures does he understand what it means to have moral integrity. There are many times in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee in which the reader can see Jem’s maturity and his moral values. The first time Jem starts to understand moral integrity is when he is forced to read to Mrs. Dubose. After her death, Atticus explains just how much she was going through, and this information had a great impact on Jem. Jem furthers his knowledge of moral integrity during the trial. Jem believes that Atticus and Tom Robinson have won because he knows that the evidence was strong. Atticus ends up losing, which causes Jem to realize how much men will overlook evidence and the truth just to go against an African American. Lastly, Jem understands moral integrity while watching and learning from Atticus. Atticus firmly believes in ideas such as Tom Robinson’s innocence. He never gave up or fell to other men’s beliefs during the time of the trial, before it, or after it. The first time Jem really starts to understand moral integrity is before the trial when he is forced to read to Mrs. Dubose. Jem destroyed her flowers after she had said nasty things about Atticus. She stated, “Your father’s no better than the nig...s and trash he works for! (p. 135)” It is obvious to the …show more content…

He starts to understand the meaning when he is forced to read to Mrs. Dubose. Jem then goes on to further his knowledge at the trial of Tom Robinson. Finally Jem understands moral integrity throughout the course of the novel by watching his father Atticus. In the beginning of the novel Jem is a rowdy young boy. At the end, Jem has grown and learned. The reader can see this through Jem’s reaction after Scout brings up Hitler. Jem has obviously matured and understood what it means to have moral

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