More Than Just Race Summary

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Through William Julius Wilson’s work, More Than Just Race, a reader is presented with explanations of race from both a structural and cultural standpoint. Wilson begins by explaining a more race-neutral structural issue that American society faces. The issue of advanced technology affects not only African American individuals, but individuals of all races. However, as Wilson points out in his work, this issue is more prominent in the lives of African Americans. As a result of these technologies, new and highly skilled jobs are created. These highly skilled jobs require highly trained and educated workers. However, Wilson explains that some African Americans are not given the exposure or opportunities to reach this level of skill. This concept of technology…show more content…
The same is true for African American individuals in the work force. The workforce claims to give everyone a fair and equal hand, but often times African Americans are given the short end of the stick. This lack of opportunity leads me to question the structural conditions that have created cultural patterns that reinforce disadvantage. The structural issues of inequality in the workforce lead many individuals to have a stigma towards African American individuals. This stigma taint’s society’s view towards this group and allows them to make judgements on other aspects of their lives. As Wilson explains how American culture reinforces disadvantage, he talks about the media. In the media, African American individuals, young men especially, are viewed negatively. The shortcomings of the workforce leads some African American men to get involved in crime. This negative coverage in the media begins this cultural phenomenon among society. These reports of crime give people such a negative response to African American men, resulting in racism and starts a cycle of
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