Motivations And Goal Of The Constitutional Convention Of 1787

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The motivations and goal of the Constitutional convention of 1787 was to reform the Articles of Confederation to allow a stronger centralized government, and hopefully to solve issues not yet agreed upon within the government. There was a significant lack of representation for smaller states. Shay’s rebellion showcased an economic class disparity. There was also a lack of balance in the powers and a weak national government made for the states to have conflicting rules with each other as well as too much power.

Shay’s Rebellion was the main perpetrator of the revision. Massachusetts, which had suffered one of the greatest burdens economically, socially, and physically by the American Revolution. Poverty, unemployment, and imprisonment due to debt was rampant. Many of the citizen tried to voice their complaints to the state government. The state government, heavy in debt, responded with higher taxes. Angered by this, Daniel Shay, a former war veteran in debt who now faces foreclosure of his farm, started a mob that wreaked havoc on many important establishments such as banks or prisons. As Shay’s mob got more and more dangerous, wealthy elites hired private soldiers to fend them off. Worrisome to the …show more content…

Which both important as a precedent to allow for more compromises and the creation of a stronger legislative branch. It allowed the creation of a senate, giving each state an equal number of votes, allowing equal representation. Additionally, The House of Representatives was created, a population based system which will help with representing majority of the population. These 2 were great additions to the political system due to them still existing modern day. And finally, the 3/5ths rule was created, which allowed slaves to count as 3/5ths of a person. This rule helped affirm slavery and would creates problems down the line as slavery based issues would become more and more

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