Mount Rainier-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Before climbing hills on foot, cycling possessed my passion for a couple of years as my only activity. After one year of riding with Tim, he announced that he would be climbing Mount Rainier. My response was simple; “good luck with that.”
Though I began participating on training hikes with Tim as he prepared for his colossal challenge, the two of us continued to ride on a regular basis as riding the “Seattle to Portland” Bicycle Classic remained a mutual goal. Come to find out, the two activities of riding and hiking are terrific cross-training exercise. Both activities are worthy for leg strength, the respiratory system and endurance. Tim and I would ride once or twice a week, and take in an aggressive hike a few times a month. On average,
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He’s superior; he’s stronger, has greater efficiency and showcases a higher intellect as a rider. For him to fall once is quite astonishing. However, for Tim to fall twice near the same location is unforgettable. Although the two mishaps were several feet from each other, I razzed him that If I had drawn a permanent white chalk line around his extremities where he landed the first time, he would have fit right in, perfectly after the second fall. The route remained a favorite - apparently for Tim the objective of the ride far outweighs the risk - and every time through this section he would receive an earful. It’s nice to know Tim has a wonderful sense of humor and an implausible tolerant level. Our next cycling journey through (he made it unscathed) and I dubbed the infamous location as “Tim’s Crossing” (proceed with caution). Yet another time after that traveling through the area I asked; “Tim, you’ve been through here before haven’t you?” Finally, this last season, the lure of volleyball scenery once again pulled us in that direction. A block before “Tim’s crossing” I rolled up alongside Tim and asked him if it would be acceptable if I rode in front so he wouldn’t run me over when he
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