Personal Narrative: Pike's Peak

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Pikes Peak This past summer I went on vacation with my aunt’s family to Colorado, and being from iowa, the land of corn and flat ground, we wanted to do all the mountain things you can do in Colorado. one very memorable mountain we visited was Pikes Peak, one of the tallest mountains in Colorado 14,114 thousand feet above sea level. There are two ways you can get to the top of Pikes Peak, you can drive up the side of the mountain, or you can ride the train up the other side, if you ride the train then you can only be on the top for 20 to 30 minutes, but if you drive you can do whatever you want, so we chose to drive up. The drive up was beautiful, even though the road was really windy and made me car sick it was still really cool to see. We stopped a couple times on the way up to avoid any barfing and the view at every stop was amazing, the sky was mostly clear with just a few clouds in the distance so …show more content…

we had to wait again in the car to go back down the mountain because the roads were too icy to drive down. Being in those conditions for so long we all started to feel a little loopy almost like a drunk feeling which made the wait a little more bearable. Finally after three to four hours on the top of Pikes Peak we could finally go down. The drive down was horrible, the road was all curvy with some pretty sharp turns and my uncle had to be careful with the breaks so they wouldn 't overheat, we had to stop a lot more times on the way down because everyone was feeling pretty sick. We made it to the bottom after another two hours and everyone was pretty much done for the day. I did enjoy visiting Pikes Peak, and i would totally do it again, but the next time i do, I’m taking the train up so i don 't get trapped again, 20 minutes might not seem like a long enough time to some people but it 's plenty for

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