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The most beautiful thing I have seen is Hemlock Cliffs. I love going there in the summer and winter because it is always beautiful to go explore and find new caves, waterfalls, and paths. In the summer if you go there, there are many sites to see and adventure in! My dad and I are the only ones who usually go, so we don’t go in many caves, but when we do, they are amazing! Hemlock Cliffs has many paths to venture off in, so you want to stay with an adult the whole time. There are many paths, caves, cliffs, steps, and hills on this adventure and you get thirsty so don’t forget to bring a drink with you!

In the winter time if you go to Hemlock Cliffs, it may be a scary and rough drive down there. The roads dips off into a cliff,so be careful! Whenever you get there, there is one main path you walk for about five minutes then it splits of into three other paths. You can choose any path, but my dad and I usually go into a cave-like trail. You have to climb down rocks to reach the path and in the winter time it …show more content…

For instance, the last time and many other times before, my dad and I saw deer, wild rabbits, and my dad said once he heard what sounded like a mountain lion! I’ve never been really scared of any of the animals, but I surely don’t want one to walk up to me! Hemlock Cliffs is definitely a place to go whenever you want to go hiking or for a walk! I would go there every year to hike or walk.

In conclusion, Hemlock Cliffs is a great place to go whenever you want and it has any places to visit in the woods and many caves to explore! So, if you like getting out, walking, running, or hiking, Hemlock Cliffs is the place to go! They have wonderful sights, and many trails to go on. I recommend going to Hemlock Cliffs because if your have a boring day, your day won’t be boring after you go there! So, if you’re bored sitting around at home, go out and explore something new! That was my story about Hemlock

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